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Patient using verapamil

Patient using verapamil

Postby Gary1987 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:00 am

Hi Everyone,

I have been contacted by someone today who is using verapamil gel to try and treat their Ledderhose / plantar fibroma. So far it has remained unsuccessful :( but this gel can prove to be very costly, they were asking me if anyone knows of anyone whom has used this and it has 100% worked :?:

Please get in touch if it has worked for you so I can tell them that they should not give up hope, I must admit that from what I have seen using verapamil is certainly not a sure fire way of treating this disease and radiotherapy had much better success rates.


Gary :D
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Re: Patient using verapamil

Postby Jolene » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:15 am

Hi Gary,
I am approaching the 90 day mark using verapamil 15% gel. Sometimes I think its helping. other times I don't. Pdlabs is the only pharmacy that has the patent. If you purchase it from any other compound pharmacy it is counterfiet and probably won't work.
The process for the verapamil is
30 to 90 days patient experience decrease in pain.
90 to 180 days patient should notice softening of the nodules/fibroma.
180 days to 12 months should be should recieve satisfactory results.
This gel is 250.00 per month. My insurance pays all but 60.00
When I 1st began using this in March 2013. I had an ultra scan to determine the size of the nodules. Mine are about the size of chiclet gum.
June 25th I go back for another ultra scan to check the size. I will keep you posted. Currently I do not think they have shrunk.

I have had cortisone shots, 1st time was successful for 9 momth. Then Fibroma came back. 2nd cortisone shot I had reverse reaction.
I am now checking into cryosurgery.
My doctor mention shockwave treatment if verapamil doesn't work.

Plantar fibromatosis is a fibrotic tissue disorder of the plantar fascia that consists of excess collagen or fibrotic tissue.
My question is: What creates this collagen? does anyone know?
Thanks Jolene
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Re: Patient using verapamil

Postby Brittany » Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:47 pm

I have tried Verapamil and did not see any results. After 1 month I stopped use of the cream. Then I learned that someone had used a combination of vitamin e oil and Vicks Vapor rub nightly with success. I still find the Vitamin E oil works and use it often as pain relief.
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